Established in 1998 and the largest provider of high quality thermal massagers.

CERAGEM Philosophy

Based on the spirit of Love, Service, and Kindness, Ceragem’s trial marketing strategy has been successful in various parts of the world.

We believe that we are growing into a company that fosters a healthy lifestyle
culture for a better world through our $5.00/40 minute session trial.

– Ceragem’s goal of fostering a healthy lifestyle to improve the quality of people’s lives is apart of our company’s social responsibility and is our management attitude.
– Ceragem philosophy is defined through the saying, “personal health impacts family, community, and country.”
– Ceragem’s people-centered marketing is globally popular and has created the “Ceragem Health” phenomenon.
We continue to strive to achieve our ultimate goal of fostering a healthy lifestyle culture for the world.


Ceragem’s vision reflects its passion of becoming a trustworthy partner for the customers as they pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Ceragem’s relentless pursuit of technological development and customer-focused
philosophy will fuel Ceragem to become a world leader in healthcare.

– Ceragem’s ultimate goal is to become the world’s best healthcare partner.
– “Healthcare Partner” embodies Ceragem’s vision of a better health for all.
– “World’s Best Healthcare Partner” embodies Ceragem’s confidence in its products and its goal of providing a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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