Healax i-Shoulder

Healax i Shoulder

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Percussion Massager
Unlike other hand-held massagers, Healax is a hands-free percussion massager.
Alternate rapid-tapping strokes stimulate muscles and joints helping to relieve tensions and tightness.



Optional Heat Application
Soothing Heat enhances the effectiveness of the massage.

The heat can be turned on and off with a push of a button.



6 Levels of Intensity Settings
Intensity can be changed from gentle to invigorating by
pressing the +/- buttons providing optimal stimulation for each user.





32 Modes of Rhythmic Action

Healax is programmed to cycle through 32 different types of rhythm. Rather than repetitive tapping Healax changes tempo and rhythm so the user receives variety of percussion massages.

Automatic Timer
Healax has a self timer that shuts off automatically after 7 minutes.

Healax is designed to be portable and easily used. The massager is worn over the shoulders rather than held by hands.

The device only weights 7 pounds so it can be easily carried.

Durable and Reliable
Healax is made of long lasting durable materials.

It comes with a one year full manufacture’s warranty.

Multiple Applications
Healax provides convenient massage from the neck and shoulder all the way to the lower back and other parts of the body.

The massager can be positioned to different locations by simply moving the massager using the handle.

Technical Specifications

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Healax i Shoulder

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